We are excited to announce that Aaron Worldwide Collections, Inc. has merged with Ross, Stuart & Dawson, Inc. effective January 1, 2020. Ross, Stuart & Dawson has been in the collection industry since 1975 and is ONE of twenty agencies worldwide that are CLLA and IACC Agency Certified. This merger gives Aaron Worldwide Collections, Inc. clients additional resources and staff to better serve your credit and collection needs. Some of their enhanced services available to our clients:

  • Global Coverage in over 100 countries
  • Client Portal to view your accounts 24/7
  • Monthly written status updates
  • Online Account Placement
  • RSD has been a leading solution provider in the B2B marketplace for over 44 years!

We look forward to welcoming you to Ross, Stuart & Dawson in the coming weeks!

Our Services


This service provides an immediate action the day it is received. You will be provided a written confirmation that the file has been received and the commission rate for that account. A perfect place for accounts that you are tired of dealing with!


This service provides that our office will send a 15 day notice (calendar days) allowing your customer 15 days to pay or make arrangements with your office. Once an account is placed, you are provided a confirmation the final notice was sent to your customer. If no response, the file will automatically open into full collections.


This service provides for skip tracing only (without being placed into collections). Skip trace service provides for a full Social Security search, address, person, telephone, and employment searches. Extensive Skip Trace offers all the reports of a Skip Trace as well as an assets search and credit reports.


This service allows you to place a large volume of accounts electronically. Please contact our office to discuss the allowable downloadable formats.