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Does Ross, Stuart & Dawson, Inc. Offer Credit Reports? Yes We Do!

To provide maximum value to our clients, Ross, Stuart & Dawson, Inc., Inc. provides you with access to several databases under one single, simple, low cost, credit report subscription. AWC offers it all, from Small Business Owner reports to reports on International customers and everything in between. It’s not required but, if you’re able to provide an electronic data file of your accounts receivable information, we’ll give you even better prices.

AWC wraps up a program for you that automatically provides multiple databases/providers in one, single subscription. Sound simple? It is! With our subscription service there are NO compensating renewals, NO premiums or higher costs for supplements or additions to your subscription, NO contract expiration dates, NO "use-em" or "lose-em" problems, etc. All of these protect our clients' investment in their credit reporting subscription and gives them access to the choices they need.

Listed below are some of the reports available. Call today for more information or a personal consultation that will allow us to open all the credit report option doors to credit risk evaluation sources for your company.

1. EXPERIAN BUSINESS DATABASE (Direct Access Available)
The best choice for medium to small businesses. A variety of report options available including full business profiles, summary reports, small business advisory reports, industry profiles and business scoring reports. This database has emerged as a valuable credit manager’s tool. If you need to know how your customer pays creditors, Experian is your solution.

A unique small business credit report that leverages & displays proprietary banking and leasing information from the Small Business Financial Exchange. Forty-six of the nation’s top fifty financial institutions in the United States provide their experience with small businesses they serve. Now unsecured trade creditors can access this powerful and informative database to find, evaluate, and manage your small business customers.

The largest business credit report provider in the world and probably the most recognized name in credit reporting circles. Clients have access to all reports including the Business Information Report and the Comprehensive Report; the two most often requested products from D & B. Database specializes in medium to large companies.

4. COFACE INTERNATIONAL (Direct Access Available)
Coface is the premier source for international credit reports. This provider of international credit reports is actually a source for other prominent international credit-reporting providers. Coverage is worldwide, to every country with no exceptions. Every report is fully investigated (or re-investigated if older than 120 days) to ensure the timeliest information is delivered. Credit limit opinions provided.

5. BERNARD SANDS (Direct Access Available)
Bernard Sands has been a leading source of retail credit intelligence since 1925. "Credit Pay" reports are designed to help creditors by giving them a unique insight on US retail businesses including; customer metrics predicting, a six (6) month account monitoring on every report purchased and recommended credit lines. Reports include a payment quality index, adjusted average high credit, risk levels, credit pay index & charts, detailed trade & public records.

Kreller International Credit reports are exclusively produced & investigated for each creditor. Kreller provides current information available at the time of the inquiry. Superior reports & superb service. Coverage is worldwide, to every country with no exceptions. Credit limit opinions provided.

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